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High Resolution Photography · 2019-03-31 13:53 by Black in

I’ve been playing around with Photography as a hobby for years, but never mustered enough motivation to actually take pictures regularly. But recently I bought a Sony A7Rii, a 42 MPix full frame Sony E-Mount mirrorless camera, To take cat pictures. Compensating for lack of experience with superior technology (despite its age, the camera is still great), seems to work :)

The resolution of the sensor is incredible. And with the Sony 85mm/F1.8 lens, boke is easy to get.

Maybe too easy, the depth of field wide open for close subjects is only a few cm. And at F1.8, color fringing / can be quite noticeable.

I really like this lens. For wide angle pictures, I own a Samyang 24mm/F2.8, but for the kind of pictures I take (portraits of cats), it is much less suitable.

My current gear: