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ZetaWatch · 2019-05-05 01:54 by Black in

ZetaWatch is a small OS X program that displays the zfs status in the menu bar, similar to what iStat Menus does for other information. It is fairly well tested, but due to the current state of libzfs and libzfs_core, changes will be required until the API
stabilizes. ZetaWatch is usually compiled for the latest available ZFS release for Mac OS, and might not be compatible with other releases.

Currently supported features are:

  • Show pool and vdev status including scrub progress
  • Show pool / filesystem properties
  • Show filesystem and vdev stats
  • Import pools and Export pools
  • Mount / unmount datasets
  • Load encryption keys for encrypted datasets
  • Scrub pools
  • Report errors in notification center

Check it out :)

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