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CaptureOne for Sony · 2019-03-31 14:54 by Black in

Apple’s Photos isn’t too great, Adobe’s Lightroom requries a subscription, Sony’s Edit is quite lacking in feature. After some searching around, I settled for PhaseOne’s Capture One, and it’s free, for Sony (or Fujifilm) cameras.

Some features are only available in the pro version, which is available as pay-once or subscription, but the free version is already very feature rich, and includes asset management, raw editing and more. And it’s quite easy to use.

This picture was taken under dim sodium light, handheld, with ISO 6400, and edited slightly (and not very skillfully) in CaptureOne Express.

Here a 1:1 cutout of the original, converted to JPEG with Apple’s Preview.

One click to adjust white balance, a bit of playing with auto-exposure and the curves to change the light, and adjust noise reduction a bit.

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